Also you take on Google a practical a particular perspective and steer your attention to certain items or information that you are looking for. The perception is no different.

Put so new glasses on and you’ll see the world with different eyes ….

If you are not wearing glasses, it is enough just the perspective to change …. ?


A new glasses changed your perception

During the second class, struck me and especially my teacher sometime on that I could not read well the writing on the board and that the peek at the neighbor was quite strenuous.

So my mother took me to the eye doctor. He discovered that I am shortsighted. And very nearsighted. I think I had -5 diopters equal with my first pair of glasses. I can not say exactly why I’m suddenly so such short-sighted.

Today, I am firmly convinced that I did not see anything. Anyway, I noticed even then that quasi sharpen my other senses to compensate. This experience I bring today again in my everyday life, but also in my work with a. Concentrate times but especially and above all aware only one sense. You’ll see that really brings a very different perceptions about daily. So I advise you:


Set yourself every now and then a new focus.

It took a while until we found a suitable glasses for me. After finally a pretty model with blue glasses me – colored glasses, best Angle Gradient upwards center were, then 80s the rage and fashion-conscious I always was yes …… ? – had chosen, we had a few more days on the arrival of my new fashionable accessories wait.

On a Saturday it was time and I went to pick up the glasses with my father. And I must say, this experience has fired at me. I sat on the new glasses and I was almost dizzy from the sharpness of the images. Everything was sharp at once stung. I saw things that I had simply not noticed. And with the typical openness and the outright charm of a child, I replied thus my father probably in a relatively unpleasant situation, when I told him: „Dad how does the your face, your skin, as full of holes’re in there and you ‚ve got louder spots on the face. „also, the seller seemed to me equal to much older and just very different.

A new view is actually also brings new AN-views.

Henceforth I saw the world through different eyes actually , in every respect. Anyway, it was wonderful to so clearly see all the colors and shapes. On the other hand it made me insecure because I now knew the difference and felt quite helpless without glasses. If you know how beautiful the world can be, you do not feel more comfortable when you mitkriegt only half of it.Therefore, I advise you, the things in life always to look at it from several angles. Attempts holistic perception of the situation and to assess not only from your, you familiar and cherished perspective.

Record the bird’s

If you get into a crisis or stand in front of a big challenge, then do it as a bird, spread my wings and lift off. Show the matter it out from the top of you. „Psst …. was once briefly silent. Do you also have just the song by Reinhard Mey in the ears? „“ Above the clouds, the freedom must be limitless. All fears, all worries, they say, remained hidden underneath and then what would a big and important appears suddenly and small … “

I’m sure you’ll see a whole new and different solutions.

Know your benefits

The glasses and the strong myopia was and still is my personal crutch. But it has made me what and who I am. I am sure that this very circumstance has trained me to see with the heart.Precisely for this reason, I have so finely trained antennas.

I have taken a new path for some time. That was a development process. I had to first find out my matching field, find a chic model and then vote all together. Here I needed support from experts in their field, which in turn helped me to improve my performance. My optician’s personality, so to speak.

Cleaning in between times the glasses

So, as I have here developed me, I will go on my way. It is important that I pick up from time to time my glasses and brush to keep a clear view.

Just as then, when I got my first pair of glasses. Now suddenly everything is so clear, so visible. It is my greatest heart’s desire to give their matching glasses as many people as possible. Each individual to show how wonderful life is. Only without the feeling a crutch or style depending on something or someone to create. Because this force, this source is in each of us. It is not an additive or a supplement; each of us is perfect, is exactly as he.

Anyone who finds that his eyes are clouded, I take her hand and walk with him the way to its source. Of course I could have also superior to be … Ophthalmology. But I leave that to the professionals in this field.

I admit that it is my greatest desire, sooner or later, to free myself from this dependency times. But all in good time. And when I hear so deep inside me, I’m probably not even currently ready.


Now I’ll go first out in the forest and listening nature. Pause make sharpen & sense ?

And you?


PS: After what you would google if you have the feeling that they want to develop yourself personally, to live a full life, perhaps even to learn self-love? I’m curious to your comments.


In the sense …. let it act.




All the best



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